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Welcome! This is my place on the web where I can look out and say hello.
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My name is Robert Disque (Pronounced disk.)  I am 42 years old and live in Ogden Utah.  I grew up in nine states in a Marine Corp family.  I am also a former Marine myself.  But you know..."Once you're a Marine, you're always a Marine."

I also served in the National Guard as a Military Police Officer, with the 625th MP CO in Utah and received my honorable discharge there.  I have a degree in Criminal Justice and I am certified as a Special Functions Officer.  I am also a certified EMT here in Utah. 

I have trained in Japanese Karate for over 28 years (Gosh that makes me feel old).  In the very little spare time I have in my life I have been studying Jujutsu to broaden my skills along with Karate.  I also train with knife, stick, and firearm for self defense. 

Iím an avid firearms and history enthusiast.  I enjoy cowboy action shooting (A.K.A. CAS) and mountain man rendezvous.   

I am a certified Rescue Diver.  Yes, Utah does have a lot of great inland diving.  My love for scuba diving is a bit of a mystery to me.  Part of it stems from my passion for technology.  Whatever the reasons I thoroughly enjoy diving. 

I go hiking, rock climbing, and camping as much as I can.  There are some great trails just a few minutes from my home.  Utah is great for the things I love to do. 

Amateur Radio is another manifestation of my passion for technology.  I love electronics especially communication electronics.  My call sign is KD7OPI.   

To pay for my hobbies, I work for Intermountain West Energy, an explosives and blasting supplies company.  Not many people can say they truly love their job, but, I can.  Driving big trucks, heavy equipment, and making things go boom, just can't be beat. 

Check out my Photo Gallery and my Favorites.  If you have any suggestions or comments use the Feedback page.

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